Violet - 2 years

In TWO the Wild

Our little explorer is TWO! How is this even possible?!? I didn't think this year could go faster than her first, but it sure did. Somehow, I woke up to a toddler going on 15. It's always "I do it" and "no mommy". I am so NOT ready for this stage to be over. Snuggling her a little tighter today. 

Vi loves to climb EVERYTHING and recently has even climbed out of her crib and into a toddler bed. It doesn't stop there, she can open her door, so I often am greeted with her climbing into our bed around 6:30am, or "mommy, wake up, I'm hungry". Takes after her momma, always ready for a meal/snack! ;)

Some of her favorite foods include any Italian dish, chocolate chip pancakes, sweet potatoes, popsicles (you gotta hear her say it though), shredded cheese, apple sauce, pretzels, cookies, eggs, cheese toasties, and Chocolate pudding "chocolate cake". Vi loves going on walks, exploring, reading in "mommy daddy bed", running from me in the store and putting things in the cart (aka shopping at Target), all animals (but especially dogs), bubbles, cooking, painting, watching Paw Patrol, Dory, and Moana. She even started singing and dancing, which is just awesome and so much fun! We can't seem to get in enough trips to the library, park, and zoo. 

I could go on and on about my sweet, smart, gentle (most of the time), bossy, sassy, cuddly, ornery (as all get out) little girl. Vi, you are our world and have us wrapped around your finger. I'm pretty sure she knows that already! :) One look at her, with those emotional eyes and chubby cheeks, and I well up with love, pride, and tears of joy! It is an absolute honor to be your momma baby girl! <3

P.S. Is there anything cuter on little girls than denim and knee socks? Something about this classic look gets me every time! <3