Chapman Family

Who can resist a good sugar rush? I love seeing littles react to their smash cake. Some dig right in and some hate the mess! Even better is the look they sometimes give their parents like "Is this a joke, can I really eat it?" Haha, Celia definitely gave the look. Her two older brothers were so good about holding off, but we chuckled when were told they could dig in after she was done. What do you think Celia thought? Someone may or may not have enjoyed it being on her feet. Scroll down to see for yourself...

As per usual, I had a wonderful time capturing this beautiful and sweet family. These boys are smitten with their little sis and their game of peek a boo will melt your heart! Celia has some awesome body guards, play mates, and best friends. Can't believe she is already ONE. Time needs to slow down! Until next time Chapmans, stay exactly the way you are... awesome and fun! :)


Kimber - newborn

Let them be little... I always forget how little newborns are compared to my 2.5 year old. Help me in welcoming this little nugget of perfection, Kimber Kay! Isn't she a doll! She was a dream to cuddle and capture as she snoozed away through basket and wrap changes. All I heard were little squeaks and sighs as she dreamt away. Aren't those the best sounds, I just could have sit and stared at her all day. Excited to see Kimber grow and her personality shine. Congrats Nikki and Jason, she's absolutely beautiful! <3


Nicholas - newborn

Why hello handsome, pleasure to meet you! Nicholas is up on the blog! Full warning, cuteness overload! <3

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Emerson - Newborn

Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site. <3 If you think this is cute, wait until you see Emerson with his big sister... you. will. melt. I promise! Hudson, you are a sweetheart. I love growing along with my families! 

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Violet - 19 Months

My sweet little climber is 19 months, almost twenty. We are in awe of her and she teaches me something new everyday. It has been such a joy to watch her grow, I often feel like the fast forward button is being pressed. We're trying very hard to soak in every snuggle, hug, kiss, and "wuv ooo" (in that cute little baby talk). 

Right now, her favorite thing to do is climb... EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING. No fear this one, very independent and doesn't want my help unless she knows she needs it. Certainly doesn't share my fear of heights. She asks me everyday to go to the park and "swing" or "outside". She loves to kiss/hug our legs, play on our bed or in our cars, have tea parties, go to the park, swimming (undeniable pool baby), and watch minions. 

If you told me she would be as polite as she is, I would have laughed at you, but she is. She says "thank you", "please", "sorry", "excuse me", and "bless you" when I sneeze. Although, she does laugh when saying "stinky", "yucky", and "grumpy" (cracks me up). Her big thing right now is to say "cute". She says is while shopping, holding a hanger with any piece of clothing on it, shoes and even doggie tails. :)

She makes my heart burst, just by looking at her or watching her discover new things. Next time I blink, she'll be two and I can hardly believe it. Never stop exploring my sweet girl. Mommy and Daddy love you to pieces! <3


Leo - Newborn

Cuteness overload... that sweet little face and those little hands... I can't even! This handsome gentelman recently just celebrated turning one month old. So stinking cute, congratulations Eric and Miranda, he is absolutely precious! Leo was very curious as to what picture day was all about and I'm loving those baby blues, thanks for hanging with me little guy. Eric and Miranda, it was an honor and a pleasure to capture your family of three and thanks for letting me come over and snuggle your little man. Enjoy all the snuggles! <3


Hudson - Two Years

"Clink"... I can think of no better way to spend an afternoon, "tea for two" with this very adorable, funny, and fancy two year old. Hudson loves to blow bubbles, be tickled, play with Penelope (little mouse doll), play peek a boo, and have tea parties with her stuffed animals. She steals my heart every time, you gorgeous sweet girl you! Happiest 2nd Birthday Hudson, it has been a joy watching you grow!