So… I am a little behind on blogging, but I have good reason! My son was born back in October and we have been busy loving on our two littles. I am back from maternity leave and ready to share.

My little Violet turned three back in November and I’d like to just brag on her for a moment. I took these back in November and she has grown even more in these past few months. She turned three, became a big sister, and a preschooler.

So many emotions run through me when I look at her gorgeous face. She made me a momma and she makes me a proud momma everyday. She is so independent, smart, sassy, sweet, sassy (as the day is long), and funny! Vi is a problem solver through and through, she is always trying to put things in their place, find the right fit, and trying new angles. I really love that a one of her new favorite things is jigsaw puzzles. It’s really cool to watch her work them and do them with her.

These are a few of her favorite things: unicorns, kittens, tiny little toys to hold onto, being our official chocolate taster, baking, school, jigsaw puzzles, restaurants, spicy drink (sprite), Incredibles movie, recognizing the letter “V” everywhere, road trips, spaghetti, anything pink, jumping in puddles, swinging, going to the mall and zoo, ballet, paw patrol (Marshall & Rubble), burritos with chips and salsa, and getting her brother to laugh.

Watching her become a big sister just melted my heart. She is so sweet and caring with Arlo. Seeing them play and interact together bring me more joy than they will ever know. My heart is so full! Vi can get Arlo to laugh and he hears her voice and will start looking for her now. Uggh, the best! I am so excited to see them grow together.

Happy Birthday Violet, we adore you and wish you many more wonderful birthdays to come and may the dear lord bless you! <3


You are my sunshine...

It has been quiet over here for a little while now and I’m overjoyed to share with you why… On Monday, October 8th at 2:03pm we welcomed our beautiful son into this world, Arlo James Collinger. This little 7lb 5oz cutie pie has us wrapped around his little fingers, as well as his big sister. Now I have a “Vi” and “Lo”. We are all doing well and just enjoying getting to know our little man and our new routine as a family of four.

As you will see, Vi is smitten with her little brother. Today, the first thing out of her mouth was, “Where is brother?” She loves to hold him (until he has a stinky diaper), retrieve his pacifier, sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to him and kiss, love, and soothe him. It is the most amazing thing to see them together. I’ve been looking forward to these adorable snuggle sessions ever since I found out I was pregnant. Feeling pretty blessed to be their mom and to be able to watch them grow together.

Today, Arlo is four weeks old and I have no idea how it went by so fast, I’m not surprised, but days seem to only last a few short hours. Most days are spent in our pj’s while drinking cold coffee and eating cold pizza, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My heart is full!

Thank you for all the warm and well wishes over the past 10 months! My family and I appreciate your patience and understanding, as response time may be delayed over the next couple of months. We are busy loving one another, trying to get organized again, and also trying to master the Tetris game that is having a toddler and newborn.

Without further a do, meet my Arlo James. Sorry, I’m not sorry for causing any “baby fever”.


Trout - Maternity

Right before three become four.... Congratulations Trout family, I am over the moon for you and your sweet bundle of joy! Big brother Bryor will most certainly enjoy a partner in crime or should I say a partner in play... racing monster trucks no doubt. I can just see all the wrestling matches, forts, and battle calls that will fill your home. No better sounds in the world. It still feels like I was just capturing Leah & Zach's wedding and then Bryor's newborn pictures. I love my job... another blessing... seeing the joy and excitement as couples grow a family and then add to that family. The excitement and anticipation is shared by all, I CAN NOT wait to meet your little man in September! 


Danny - newborn

I've never seen a big brother more smitten! It was the sweetest thing to watch Joey love on his brother. Danny, I'm fairly certain, feels the same way after witnessing some sleepy smiles while he heard his brother play nearby. Joey loved helping and watching! He even preferred to have a front row seat while enjoying his lunch in his highchair nearby. He was happy to get baby brother a pacifier, ask how he was, and even stop his play session to go see and check on his brother. I'm pretty sure he was checking to make sure Danny wasn't still in my basket as I was packing up to leave. What a sweetheart! <3 Danny hardly made a peep as he watched and hung out with us for a few awake shots and then drifted off to sleep. It was such a joy to work with these little guys, and by work I mean snuggle!

Congratulations Steve, Sarah, and Joey! Little Danny is so lucky to have you and vice versa! <3


Kimber - newborn

Let them be little... I always forget how little newborns are compared to my 2.5 year old. Help me in welcoming this little nugget of perfection, Kimber Kay! Isn't she a doll! She was a dream to cuddle and capture as she snoozed away through basket and wrap changes. All I heard were little squeaks and sighs as she dreamt away. Aren't those the best sounds, I just could have sit and stared at her all day. Excited to see Kimber grow and her personality shine. Congrats Nikki and Jason, she's absolutely beautiful! <3


Charlie - Newborn

Happy one month birthday Charlie! His little grin is so contagious, don't you think? 

In home newborn sessions are so wonderfully intimate, comfortable and personal. I love seeing and capturing their rooms and them in their cribs. It never gets old to see them look so tiny in there! Big brother had to pop in and check on his little brother a few times too, such sweet moments I can see happening now until forever. Charlie, you've got a great big brother in Graham and I think Graham will enjoy his sidekick and rebound buddy. ;) 

I couldn't be happier for my sweet friends Nick and Katie! Congrats you guys, I'm so excited for you and can't wait to watch your little men grow and see the adventures they have together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me into your home once again to capture your beautiful family, it was a joy to spend time with you all and get to meet Charlie. Lots of love and hugs!


Mira - Newborn

I can already picture these two playing dress up, swapping secrets, and sharing some afternoon tea. Mira has one amazing big sister and Bella couldn't be happier have a little sister. Bella was my little assistant for the day, with every "coo" she asked if baby was ok and was quick to retrieve her pacifier. I think the love between siblings is the sweetest thing and to watch these two was an absolute joy! Little Mira welcome, you are so loved already! Even her fur sister Rizzo wanted in on the family portrait. Thump Thump <3! Congrats Sean & Christi, you have a beautiful family and I look forward to watching your sweet girls grow and become the best of friends as well as sisters. Enjoy all the wonderful new snuggles!


Madeline - Newborn

Help me in welcoming sweet baby Madeline! Doesn't she just give you baby fever!?! Madeline was such a delight to photograph. She slept like a dream, barely made a peep (other than those sweet baby coos and sleepy sounds), she has the coolest parents, and she hates to be cold (totally feel ya girl). :) 

Greg & Jessica, I am so so very happy and excited for you guys, many congratulations!! Madeline is absolutely breath taking. I can not wait to watch her grow up and see her little personality develop. Parenthood is the hardest, most amazing joy I've ever felt and I know you guys are going to be fabulous parents. Enjoy all those wonderful new snuggles and give her an extra one for me! <3


Nicholas - newborn

Why hello handsome, pleasure to meet you! Nicholas is up on the blog! Full warning, cuteness overload! <3

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Aiden - Newborn

Aiden is a little over one month old already. Each new stage is so amazing, but why does it have to go so fast. WHY? Let them be little! <3

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Celia - Newborn

Late nights spent editing are worth it when you get to stare at a face like this. Those lips, cheeks and sweet rolls have me all "awww"... *Cough "baby fever" cough*... you too?

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Sam & Sammi - Maternity

Momma is going to miss those little kicks, but she'll love kissing those little toes more. <3 Congrats Sam & Sammi, I hope you are enjoying all the new snuggles!

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Emerson - Newborn

Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site. <3 If you think this is cute, wait until you see Emerson with his big sister... you. will. melt. I promise! Hudson, you are a sweetheart. I love growing along with my families! 

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Mark + Jamie - 6.10.17

There are just some weddings where you feel like part of the family and can't help but get caught up in the celebration, Mark and Jamie's was one of those weddings. Their romantic and intimate ceremony was held at Frank Fetch Park followed by a lovely veranda dinner at Lindy's, just a few short blocks away. Mark's father was the officiant and I couldn't help, but well up with tears myself. So much joy and love to be celebrated. They each have two girls that stood by their sides and one of the cutest flower girls ever! It was so much fun to get to see them as one big family on this new adventure. I am so very happy for you both and wish you all the best now and always. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Reed! 


Leo - Newborn

Cuteness overload... that sweet little face and those little hands... I can't even! This handsome gentelman recently just celebrated turning one month old. So stinking cute, congratulations Eric and Miranda, he is absolutely precious! Leo was very curious as to what picture day was all about and I'm loving those baby blues, thanks for hanging with me little guy. Eric and Miranda, it was an honor and a pleasure to capture your family of three and thanks for letting me come over and snuggle your little man. Enjoy all the snuggles! <3


Jared & Alyssa - Maternity

Only a few more weeks to go! Jared and Alyssa await the arrival of their beautiful baby boy, due in May. Aren't they adorable?!? Congratulations you guys, you are going to be wonderful parents! I loved capturing your love for Jared Jr and can not wait to meet him and see him in those itty bitty Jordan's. So stinking cute!!! Wishing you a restful remainder of your pregnancy, smooth delivery, and lots of amazing newborn snuggles and coos. Until then, I'll be on the edge of my seat! <3


Levi - newborn

Doesn't he just give you all the feels! Gah... nothing beats capturing (I mean snuggling) one of these little guys. Levi, you are such a sweetheart, happy birthday little buddy! I look forward to watching you grow. Lisa and Brian, I couldn't be happier for you two! He is absolutely perfect and you will make wonderful parents! Levi has the cutest long fingers and toes. Check em out! <3


Elias - Newborn

Christmas came two days early for Jared & Tanya, they welcomed little Elias into the world on December 23rd. Talk about the best Christmas present EVER! Congratulations you guys, you have a beautiful family and I know you are enjoying all the snuggles! I loved spending the afternoon with you and learning his little features, noises, and movements. Elias is such a joy, so sweet and calm. Gahh, I love newborn sessions!

Jared and Tanya, you guys are naturals and will be wonderful parents! You will fall deeper in love with him everyday and each new stage will be exciting and amazing! Enjoy your new handsome little man, he is just precious!


Jared + Tanya - Maternity

I think I have a new favorite session! Recently, I had my last outdoor session of the year and I can't stop staring at this adorable couple and their cute baby bump. So much anticipation, excitement, and love to be shared. Baby M, you are so loved! Jared and Tayna, Congratulations! I am so happy, excited, and honored to be able to capture these special moments for you guys! Baby M is one lucky little man to have you for parents and I absolutely can not wait to meet and snuggle him very soon! Tanya is due next week, doesn't she look amazing!?!