Four going on Fourteen

Today, I have a four year old… FOUR?!?!

Time is moving so fast these days and I can hardly believe my little lady is turning four today. I feel like I am often reminding myself that she is “only four”. Vi is sweet, smart, sassy, polite, and wise beyond her years.

She has grown so much in this past year. Vi’s on her second year of preschool and loving it. She has started speaking spanish and loves swimming and dance lessons. She also loves reading, rhyming, and storytelling (some tall tales, haha). You can often hear her spelling and writing… V.I.O.L.E.T. When she is given a “job” at school or brings home artwork, she becomes so excited and proud. Vi is very into music, playing “DJ Vi”, and her playlist. Currently, her “jams” include: Sunflower (from the spiderman movie), Tangled soundtrack, Raining Tacos, Dance Monkey, The Middle, Old Town Road and Señorita. She just recently discovered what a record player is and loves to “jamming” with daddy. It’s hilarious and awesome to see her so excited to pick songs and dance around the room like no one is watching (ps. she will know if you are not watching). :)

Vi is our social butterfly. I love how she will run onto the playground and go up to anyone and ask them to play, she is so brave and confident. We are always the last ones on the playground, because she doesn’t want to leave the fun. Her fear of missing out (foam) often extends our playdates and bedtime hour. ;)

A little over a year ago she became a big sister and I think she has really enjoyed the new role. She LOVES her brother and has always wanted to hold him. Sure there are times where she is grabbing her stuff back out of his hands and shoving him out of the way, but she also loves to sing to him (Twinkle twinkle little star) and show him how to climb the slide and brush his teeth. It is so awesome to see them together and those sweet moments where they do allow the snuggle moments. <3

I’m one proud momma and I am so blessed to be her momma and get to know her as she grows. I freaking love this girl and can’t wait to celebrate all the wonderful things that make her HER today! <3

Ps. my girly girl loves to take pictures like her momma, so we had to get fun and creative to pull her out from behind the camera.